Sharpening machines

Universal sharpening machine OS-2M
This machine can grind the frame saw blades. After using the additional equipment it can also sharpen the wide band saw blades and circular saw blades.

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Sharpener for narrow band saw blades OW-4
The machine sharpens the band saw blades semi-automatically. The tooth parameters are being changed manually. Grinding wheel is driven by motor but feed of the blade is driven by motoreducer. Smooth adjustment of grinding wheel stroke (up-down) gives the possibilities of adjustment of different tooth heights. The basic tooth pitch is 22 mm (other pitches to individual order)

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This machine is used for sharpening the narrow band saw blades in a semi-automatic cycle. The sharpener is equipped with a pomp for cooling the band saw blade during its sharpening.

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Sharpeners for carbide tipped circular saw blades OSW-5A, OSW-5AX
The sharpening machine sharpens the carbide tipped circular saw blades automatically.

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Manual sharpener for carbide tipped circular saw blades OSW-5M
The machine grinds the carbide tipped circular saws with wide range of teeth types.

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