PRP-58, PRP-58W

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PRP-58 saws the logs of each length and diameter up to 350 mm. Thanks to bigger vertical clearance between the rollers, version PRP-58W may cut diameter up to 430 mm

The frame horizontal clearance of 580 mm makes it possible to cut a very thick log after one- or two side cutting off in the band saw. Several technical innovations is used in PRP-58 machine. Among others: the dynamic stress of blades, special openwork construction of saw blades, device for short logs inserting and set for their quick feeding.

The construction of the feeding trucks has been completely changed with reference to those traditional ones. They may be used for the long and short logs after minimal reinforcement. The PRP-58 machine functions as a traditional saw, multiple-saw and circular saw for pallets. It is characterized by a very small saw cut.


Technical data:  PRP-58 PRP-58W
Horizontal clearance of the saw frame 580 mm 580 mm
Vertical clearance between the rollers 350 mm 430 mm
Stroke of the saw frame 300 mm 300 mm
Main shaft rotational speed 330 r.p.m. 300 r.p.m.
Working feed 0,5 - 2,5 m/min 0,5-2,5 m/min
Blade (length x width x thickness) 815 x 70 x 1,6 mm 915 x 80 x 2,0 mm
Max number of blades 12 pcs. 10 pcs.
Main motor 15 kW/400V (or 11 kW) 15,0 kW/400 V (lub 18,5 kW)
Feed motor 0,75 kW/400V 0,75 kW/400V
Hydraulic pump motor
Lubricating pump motor
0,75 kW/400V
0,18 kW
0,75 kW/400V
0,18 kW
Minimum sawing thickness (plank)
- with special blade adaptors
13 mm
9 mm
13 mm
Minimum length of log
- with optional equipment
1,8 m
1,2 m
1,8 m
1,2 m
Height of the log above ground 880 mm 880 mm
Height of tracks above ground 600 mm 600 mm
Pressure of rollers hydraulic hydraulic
Overall dimensions 1,20 x 1,70 x H 2,10m 1,20 x 1,70 x 2,20 m
Total length including the tracks 10,00 m 10,00 m
Net weight (including the standard equipment) 3200 kg 3450 kg


PRP-58 Frame Saw:

Efficiency of PRP-58:



 Frame saws PRP-58 and log feeder PKZ-10 working at the Customer place in Slovakia - link to videos:



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